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Simple workflows that work for your whole team.

At Red Plank Software, we create comprehensive operations applications to meet the ever-evolving needs of the research industry. Whether you require stand-alone functionality or integration into an existing system, we provide tailored software solutions that make your institution operations more efficient, resulting in streamlined processes and greater productivity across the board.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Here are some key reasons that you should bring us on board.

Innovative Expertise

Our team is comprised of accomplished developers, visionary designers, and dedicated industry experts, all working in concert to produce solutions that solve real-world problems. When you work with us, you can be confident that your software is in good hands.



Throughout the development process, we work with you and your staff to examine every aspect of how your custom software will be utilized. The result is an informed, intuitive experience that will maximize efficiency at every level of your organization.

Effortless Integration

Most companies today employ a host of different tools to accomplish their day-to-day operating needs. Red Plank Software prides itself on our ability to integrate seamlessly with other platforms, but we can also create bespoke applications for your specific needs.

Responsive Design

With mobile and tablet devices now integral to everyday operations, software must be able to adapt to any screen, orientation, and size without sacrificing functionality. To keep your daily processes running smoothly on all devices, Red Plank applications are fully responsive by default.

Scalable Performance

Whether you are a small, local operation or a sprawling, international entity featuring departments within departments, Red Plank Software builds scalable solutions that can keep up with whatever growth your organization can muster.

Affordable Excellence

If you have the sense to save your cents (a whole lot of them!), Red Plank offers top-quality applications without the bloated price. We are transparent and fair in our pricing, and we will work our planks off to ensure you are completely satisfied with your software.

Ready to increase your organization’s productivity and performance?

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